Top 5 Places You MUST Visit If You're a Tourist in Seattle / by Caitlin Unsell

Let's face it, we've all been a tourist at some point and being a tourist is pretty sweet! You can finally jam to your "road trip" playlist, you're actually excited to get up early, and usually your biggest problem is trying to decide what to do first. 

If you're sitting back thinking to yourself, "heck yeah, that's me" then the tourist in you will be dying to know which places you MUST visit in Seattle. We've compiled some of our favorites to ensure you have the most purrrrfect trip ahead of you. 

1.) The Space Needle

2.) Pike Place Market  

3.) Woodland Park Zoo

4.) Experience Music Project Museum (or as we Seattleites like to call it: "EMP")

5.) NEKO Cat Cafe (because we know you can't resist cats and coffee) ;) 

Have a pawsome place in Seattle you love!? Comment below!


PC: Daily Mail