How do the Cats of Seattle say I love you? / by Caitlin Unsell

Our furry friends may be showing signs of affection constantly, but would you even notice? Some indicators may be things we misinterpret or overlook as they can be very subtle. Check out the signs to keep an eye out for. 

Head Bumping

Is your cat coming towards your head and bumping it like a bull? This is in fact a sign of affection! He or she is trying to mingle your scents together and is marking you.

Kitty Kisses

Just like us, cats use kisses to show affection, but usually with their noses or their eyes. If your kitty looks at you with half closed eyes and blinks this means they really trust you and each time they blink it's a kitty kiss. 

Hangin' Out

Your cat may not be hanging around just for food; often times it is simply to enjoy your company!

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For those of you who aren't able to have a kitty at home don't worry because soon you can visit NEKO Cat Cafe in Seattle for some cats and coffee. Meow!