5 Reasons to Visit a Cat Cafe Before You Die / by Caitlin Unsell

Photo Credit: Cocoa Dream

Photo Credit: Cocoa Dream

We’re not just yanking your tail, cat cafes might be one of the best inventions of the 21st century. Cat cafes give you the chance to snuggle up for an afternoon of coffee and cats and let's face it, in Seattle coffee is life.

You might imagine Portlanders, who are known for thinking outside the litter box, were the ones that dreamt up such an ingenious idea, but the first kitty cafe actually opened in Taiwan in the late 90s. Cat cafes are now worldwide with Japan leading the pack. With that, we wanted to share some reasons why you should visit one (or all of them) before you die. 

1. It’s for a humane cause! 

These furry little bundles of joy are hand-picked from local shelters and brought to cat cafes so they can show off their big purr-sonalities. One of the biggest perks of cat cafes is that if you fall in love with a cat -- or when, you have the chance to adopt them! 

2. It’s pure entertainment. 

Watching YouTube videos of cats being hilarious and adorable is great, but being able to see them live and in-action is exponentially better. 

3. When else are you going to get the chance to dine with cats in a public place? 

The answer, never! Enough said. 

4. It gives you a great reason to travel.

There are cat cafes all over the world, so you can become an international traveler and check each cafe off your bucket list. When you are in Seattle don't forget to visit NEKO!

5. Fluff without the fuss.

Maybe you’re someone who travels a lot for work, or you are someone who simply doesn’t want to have the commitment or responsibility of owning your own pet. For you, kitty cafes are basically a dream: no panning for gold in their litter boxes, no worrying if they’re happy while you’re gone, no strings attached.

Can't wait to see you in Seattle at NEKO!

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/haoli/