Who Says Cats and Dogs Can't Be Friends? / by Caitlin Unsell

It's a perpetual debate that has stood the test of time: Cats vs. dogs. But why should you have to choose? At NEKO Cat Cafe we want everyone to be friends whether you are a cat, dog or coffee drinking human. Seattle is all about spreading the love no matter who or what you are, so in honor of that, check out these videos and photos of cats and dogs being awesome.

Aww, true love 

It must be love💛 Touching view..if you're not paying attention to the wall😂 #corgi #dogandcat #love #friendship

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"Nbd, just chillin' with the homies."

So cute how kitty reaches up for a kiss :)

These two Japanese friends with their matching bandanas.

Sharing a 'lil sun spot.

The 'I'm too lazy for anything right now' face.

One of NEKO Cat Cafe's favorite vids! This bulldog has so much love for his friend.

Naps are best with someone else!

When ur ex finds for someone new and you're still single like:

Cuddle puddle!!

After a long, hard day.

"Hey, guys! Are you playing house?"

"Don't mind if I do..."

Wonder who laid down first?

Afternoon snooze sesh'.

They both have such cool fur!

That look when your sibling tells on you:

Happy Hump Day! 🐪 #DOGandCAT ❤️

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"C'mere, lemme clean your face."

"OMG, DUDE. Get the bug!"

夏の虫 #犬と猫#basenji#dogandcat#catanddog#tuxedocats #batmancat #ネコ#猫

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"ZzzzZzz >__< ZzzZzzzZzz"


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Piggyback rides from the bestie.

Making a new friend at Petsmart.