Cats With Captivating Eyes / by Caitlin Unsell

From Japan to Seattle, Cats are one of the many animals all over the world that have beautiful and captivating eyes. It seems their eye colors vary even more than the human eye, ranging from aquamarine blue to speckled grey/green, or even a toasty orange color. As we've mentioned before, here at NEKO Cat Cafe in Seattle, we truly believe in celebrating what makes us all unique and different. 

NEKO hopes you enjoy these cats and their piercing eyes! We couldn't look away. :)


Bein' fancy.

Flashback to my first date #teenagereggie #fbf

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Smoothie's hair and eyes go together perfectly!

What are you doing and why it doesn't involve me?

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Milla's eyes look like glass :0

That look when you've had too much morning coffee. (0_0)

Oops, I might have accidentally knocked down a table lamp that smashed into million pieces... Wasn't me! 🙀

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"Can't we just lay around the house and watch Netflix all day?"

Little cuddle bug. #tbt

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So cute!

"Do my eyes compliment these flowers?"

. I'm sorry if I've missed some posts. Our @Instagram feed is a mess. It isn't chronological anymore. So annoying. 😔 .

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That blue!!


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