Just Some Kittens to Make Your Day / by Caitlin Unsell

We at NEKO know that for many of you March Madness has a different connotation than basketball. Finals are looming evercloser for those of you in school and let's face it, the adult world is stressful as is. On Sunday night, we asked our followers on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to share some pictures of their cats when they were little, so without further ado, here are some adorable kittens to brighten your day no matter what's stressing you. 


Photo by: @madame.vegan.ann (Instagram)


Photo by: Jasmine Fritzberg (Facebook)

Photo by: Allyson Schneider (Facebook)

Photo by: Brookie Judge (@LankaKitten) Twitter


Photo (and Thumbnail) by: Kristen Weber (Facebook)

Photo by: Jawnelle Monae (@shibuyadreams) Twitter


Photo by: Suzie Moore (Facebook)


Photo by: Mike Cram (@mikecram21) Twitter


Photo by: Jennifer Holmes (Facebook)

Photo by: @little.akela (Instagram)

Photo by: @casadecammie (Instagram)

We loved all the phots that were shared with us and are grateful for our amazing followers who share them. Stay tuned for another chance to share pictures with a different theme!