Just Some Ridiculously Photogenic Cats of Instagram / by Caitlin Unsell

Here are some of our favorites photogenic kitties from Instagram. If you think we missed one that definitely should have made the list or you just want to share some of your favorites, comment below!

@aurorapurr (Aurora)

@smoothiethecat (Smoothie) 

@xerxes_the_cat (Xerxes)

@gamesoftheon (Theon)

@munchkin_minnie (Minnie)


@sis.twins (Iriss & Abyss)

@we_are_scarlett_and_mia (Scarlett and Mia)


@max_maxthecat (Max)

@lifewith2bengals (Ramses)

Thumbnail Image credit: Instagram: @smoothiethecat (Smoothie)