5 Clever Catnip Tricks / by Caitlin Unsell


It's no secret cats are crazy for catnip in any way, shape or form. But instead of just putting it on their favorite toys, here are some creative ways to use catnip that will drive your cat wild!

Buy a catnip plant!

Most pet stores carry some type of catnip plant or seeds you can grow at home for your cat to enjoy. Also, with farmers' markets starting, there is bound to be someone who is either selling the plants, or can point you in the right direction!

Use catnip to get your cat used to new things.

When introducing your cat to something new like a carrier, or a new home. Try sprinkling catnip in and around the area so your cat begins to associate his favorite thing with a not so scary new thing.

If your cat is a picky eater...

Try sprinkling some catnip in your cat's food. Since catnip is an attractant for cats, it could make the food they used to turn up their nose at not so bad.

Lots and lots of bubbles!

Cats love to chase things that fly. Did you know you could buy catnip-scented bubbles? Neither did we! But in case you're now dying to try them with your cat here is a link to buy some!

Create an outdoor hangout!

Plant a few catnip plants outside and your cat will never want to leave. Who knows, you may even attract the neighborhood cats too. BONUS: catnip repels mosquitos, so if you're easily bitten, you'll never want to leave either!

How do you use catnip with your cats? Tell us in the comments!

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